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Adam Nares Norzagaray was born in Los Angeles, California in spring of 1986. At a young age his family moved out to Tucson, Arizona. Adam's first impression of film were the classic silent black and white slap-stick comedies his father showed him as a toddler.


The mystery of cinematic illusion and the concept of world building drove Adam to create home movies with his cousins using VHS cameras and Halloween props. Adam's official introduction into independent film was in the early 2000s, being a production designer and director for several indie film companies in southern Arizona.

While at Northern Arizona University his hobby for film production grew, learning from his roommates about digital graphic design, video editing, and script writing. In 2008, Adam returned to Tucson, extending his education in digital media technology and writing. Taking his writing passion from his mother, Adam began writing fictional stories in the form of scripts and novels.


Adam created his own video company in 2010, using the pen name Adam Ray. His first films were stop-animation. The following year, Adam created his first live-action experimental thriller Matchbook. He would later make additional independent films each year, collaborating with other filmmakers and inspiring artists who also have a passion for digital film.


Adam continues to consult with independent film companies in southern Arizona. He's a supporter for the local art community and is an enthusiast for street art, symbolism, and camera technology. He still does photography and writing.

He resides in Tucson with his two dogs.

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