While the pandemic ensued, Adam spent his time completing his first novel. To pass the time, after remote teaching with his students, he would spend his evenings writing and researching, building a fantasy world of greed and danger.

The Worthy is a coming of age story of a child who is kidnapped and sold to a pirate crew. The novel is an adult fiction that touches the elements of crime, slave trading, pirate life, and cannibalism.

Adam has been a fond enthusiast for piracy his entire life. Due to the pandemic and the countrywide lockdowns, he committed his time to writing instead of filmmaking. His skills in screenwriting allowed him to write The Worthy very quickly, completing the second draft summer of 2020. By January, he completed the third draft, self-publishing on Amazon in February 2021 in both paperback and Kindle.


Adam has always struggled with reading until his middle school librarian recommended several easy chapter books to read, including the award-winning book Holes by Louis Sachar. To help other students who struggle in literature, The Worthy was purposely written for young adults.

...But be warned, sailor, this book ain't your regular swashbuckler.