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Warning: This video contains disturbing imagery. Viewer discretion is advised.


The Worthy: The Tale of Gil Abido, the Boy Pirate

ISBN: 9798707795107

About The book:

While the pandemic ensued, Adam spent his time completing his first novel. To pass the time, after remote teaching with students, he spent his evenings writing and researching, building a fantasy pirate world filled with greed and danger.

The Worthy is a coming of age story of a child who is kidnapped and sold to a pirate crew. Due to heavy elements of crime, slavery and violence, the novel is considered a young adult fictional adventure.

Adam has been a fond enthusiast for piracy his entire life. Due to the pandemic and the countrywide lockdowns, he committed his time to writing instead of filmmaking. His skills in screenwriting allowed him to write The Worthy very quickly, completing the second draft summer of 2020. By January, he completed the third draft, self-publishing on Amazon in February 2021 in both paperback and ebook editions.


Adam struggled in his youth in reading. Had it not been for smart public school librarians and clever English teachers, his career in writing would have never started. Adam wrote this book intentionally in plain writing so that all young readers may enjoy the wonderous world of literature.

In 2022, Adam completed a short pirate video named "Foot Note" to promote the book. He's also began working on the sequel to The Worthy, named Leviathan. The sequel takes place several years after the events from The Worthy and provides new characters, including Captain Luna of the Bird of Paradise, Nightlinger the Rat King, and Prince Tycho of Falladonia. To be continued, mate.

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