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Taxman Films

a digital gallery of the work of
Adam Norzagaray

Taxman Films was proud to have three short films feature at the Arivaca Film Exhibition for 2023:

"Foot Note" is a short promotional video to promote The Worthy, a pirate adventure novel that was published in 2021. Filmed in Tucson and shot on a shoestring budget, Foot Note shares a common thread of most pirate stories, including treasure, rough sea life and impending doom.

Contains some violence and intense situations involving dismemberment.

The Life of a Flower is a poetic film starring the poet Gina Aroneo. It carries the style of 8mm projector presentations you'd see in high school ages ago. The video was initially an 8mm film project through the Arivaca Artist Coalition during an artist retreat. Upon learning the film was bad, the entire production was reshot digitally and "de-aged" to give you a film look.

Continuing the series, the Return of the Rabid Skunk of Arivaca is a sequel to the praised original production The Rabid Skunk of Arivaca. With new stories and intense, realistic reinactments, the Return of the Rabid Skunk is a treat all rural desert folk can appreciate.

Contains brief graphic footage of dead animals and bad puppeteering.

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